My neck has been so stiff the last few days that I can hardly move. On top of that, I haven’t had a restful night’s sleep for weeks. My 6-month old’s nighttime sleep regresses every few weeks, and this week has been the worst in months. She is up every 3-4 hours and my patience is all but gone.

For some crazy reason, I have also decided to start potty training my two year old. She peed in the toilet for the first time today! Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was a little too much and she promptly stopped midstream and jumped off her little potty. She wouldn’t sit back down to finish and ended up going in her diaper instead. I think I scared her so badly that she will be in diapers forever!

Everyday, it seems I have a really good reason to skip CrossFit. But, surprisingly, my attendance is greater than ever.  Last week I finally got brave enough to attempt a box jump and was successful! It’s wimpy, but I have been so scared of hitting my shins that I haven’t even tried before now. Even though the box was only twelve inches tall, I still feel so proud! I am getting closer and closer to Rx-ing a workout.

CrossFit may just be the only thing keeping me sane.


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