Measuring Up

I’ve been feeling a little discouraged about my progress (health-wise) lately. I struggle with my nutrition and I’ve been sick for the last few weeks. It has left me feeling a bit discouraged. It has also got me thinking about how I want to measure my progress. In the past, my goal was only weight loss but this time it’s not. Weight loss is obviously a great side effect and I can’t pretend that I don’t want the number on the scale to go down, but that’s not my focus.

I am measuring success by the number of weight I can lift, by my PRs, and by how much better my body feels. So far I have increased my stamina and endurance. I have successfully conquered my fear of box jumps, started doing burpees correctly, and made exercising a habit.

In the future, I hope to learn to do pull-ups, toe-to-bars, handstands, and Rx a workout.

Today after a hard workout, a fellow CrossFitter told me I am “kicking ass”. I can’t remember the last time I received such a big complement regarding my fitness.


What do you think?

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