A Little Break

Last month I wrote about how much I wanted some time away with my husband. That same day, Andrew came home and casually said, “I’ve been meaning to tell you, I worked it out with my parents for us to spend a night away.” I asked him if he read my latest blog post, he hadn’t. His timing was inspired.


This is the only picture of the two of us we got, and clearly we are terrible at taking selfies! We had a great night away! Andrew also took a week off while his family was here visiting so we got a whole week to slow down, be together, and parent out girls as a team. Our evenings were spent snuggling on the couch while watching a new show. One night we even hired a babysitter for the first time, and the adults in the family met up for a game night.

Andrew has since gone back to work and my normal routine has started up again. But something, something intangible has changed. We are happier. I appreciate Andrew more. My life has been rebooted and it’s running much smoother now.

I only wish we had done this sooner!


What do you think?

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