Why I Love CrossFit


I have participated in a lot of different sports and activities; tap dance, ballet, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, swimming, water polo, ultimate frisbee and aerobics–I love a group/team atmosphere. That’s probably why working out, alone, in a gym just wasn’t working for me. I was hesitant to try CrossFit, not because I thought I wouldn’t like it, but because I was pretty sure I would like it, and it’s a lot more expensive than a gym membership. The truth is, CrossFit is worth every penny. I am addicted to CrossFit! Heres why:

1. No Planning Involved: I just show up and work hard.

2. Constant Variety: There are a few WODs we come back to, but for the most part everyday is different than the last. I find the constant change motivating. I never know what to expect, so I don’t dread it.

3. Very Scaleable: I have a long way to go in my fitness journey, yet I can come and do the same workout as everyone else–I just have to adjust some things. And it is so exciting when I get stronger and have to scale less and less.

4. It’s My Break: I get to leave the kids for and hour and a half and focus on me. That little break makes the rest of the 23.5 hours of the day so much more enjoyable.

5. I Feel Strong: During most WODs I reach a wall and feel like quitting, but then I push through and it feels amazing when I finish. This mindset has been seeping into other aspects of my day. When something gets unbearable, I remind myself that I can do hard things.

6. CrossFit is a Family: Everything is measured and tracked, which seems like it would lend itself to being all about the individual, but in my experience, it’s the complete opposite. I feel like part of a family. One person’s success or PR is celebrated by all. The camaraderie keeps me coming back, week after week.


What do you think?

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