Whole30: Prepping

Prepping for WHOLE30Starting on Memorial day, my family and I are going to be doing the Whole30. This weekend I have been finding recipes, shopping, and prepping our house. Our fridge is now filled with fruits and veggies:

whole30 prep

whole30 prep


And we have a freezer full of meat:

whole30 prep

I also made ghee (using this recipe):

homemade ghee


I have been considering a Whole30 for weeks, but only just got up the courage to commit. I put it out there on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to join me and to help hold myself accountable. My main hesitation, is, and always has been, that I love food. Sometimes a little too much, as I have written about before. I am hoping that a Whole30 can help me with my food cravings but I don’t plan on suffering through the next month, I still want to enjoy what I am eating. My favorite rule of Whole30 is: “Do not try to re-create baked goods,  junk foods, or treats with ‘approved’ ingredients.” This isn’t a month of limping along, surviving on “healthy” imitations of my favorite food, it’s separating ties with those foods for a month and focusing on healthy, clean food that is good for my body. At least, that is my hope.

I want sugar to loosen its hold on my body and mind. I want to be stronger than my cravings. I want to have more energy, feel happier, and all the other benefits I have been reading about from those who have successfully finished a Whole30. Bring it on September! I am ready!



4 thoughts on “Whole30: Prepping

  1. Where did you find recipes? My family and I are looking into Whole30 and I am doing the research for recipes, snacks etc so we can hopefully make this transition easily. I am a new follower – hoping to learn from your journey.


    1. Thanks for following! I am shocked and flattered that people actually read my little blog!

      I found a lot of recipes by searching for Whole30 on Pinterest. I started a board here. Just be sure to check for yourself that recipes are actually Whole30 compliant, sometimes people just tag stuff as Whole30 when it’s not. I also really like the blog Nom Nom Paleo. I also have taken a lot of our favorite dinners and tweaked them as necessary to make them compliant.

      Hope that helps! Good luck!


        1. Planning definitely helps! So does telling everyone your are going to do it! I feel like I can’t back out now because I have some family doing it with me, and I have told everyone! Blogging helps too! Overall, I am doing pretty good so far. Yesterday (Day 5) was hard because I felt really angry at everyone/everything–from what I have read that is a pretty normal stage to go through. Surprisingly, it is a little freeing to give up some of my favorite foods. Instead of sitting and deciding how to satisfy my sweet tooth or trying to resist, I just know I am not going to give in. It’s only for a month. So I move on. I anticipate those cravings might be stronger and harder to resist in the future, but for now they are under control!

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