Whole30: Day 3

Yesterday I started reading It Starts With Food. I technically should have read it before starting my Whole30, but I am kind of glad I didn’t. It’s helping me feel more motivated and empowered to read it while I am already committed–like a really good pep talk! I just read a chapter that talked about psychological relationships with food and it made SO. MUCH. SENSE. The book goes into detail about stress eating and how processed/ sugary foods can become addictive and I felt like the authors understand my life-long struggle with food. It feels so comforting to be understood and told that it’s not my fault, and it’s not because of a lack of willpower.

My number one motivation for doing a Whole30 is to gain freedom from food. And today, I felt really good. I still think about chocolate/cheese/ice cream often but the cravings are easy to suppress. I suspect that wont always be the case for the next 27 days but I am determined to find the willpower to see this through. In case I need added motivation, I have decided that when I finish, I am going to buy myself a pair of new CrossFit shoes!

I made this for dinner today. I used regular potatoes instead of sweet potatoes because that’s what I had on hand and threw in some chicken sausage. 

Whole30 Hash browns and EggsIt was disappeared so quickly I had to make more! It’s definitely another meal to add to our rotation. Not only am I excited to have a few new dinner ideas, but ones that we would happily eat whether or not we were doing a Whole30!


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