Whole30: Day 10

Today is my husband’s 28th birthday and he is less than thrilled that we are doing the Whole30 this month. Before you think I am a terrible person for dragging my husband into my Whole30 during his birthday month, you need to understand that he doesn’t think birthdays should be celebrated. Despite his grinch-y attitude towards birthdays, he deserves some extra points for sticking with the Whole30 on his birthday!

As for me, I am still hanging in there. That glimmer of energy I experienced a few days ago left as soon as it came but I’m holding out hope that it returns. Instead I am experiencing some less than pleasant stomach pain. Hopefully that is a sign that my gut is healing as promised.

And in that spirit of painful honesty, I broke the no scale rule a few days ago. It was Sunday evening when I was thinking about quitting. It was a little act of rebellion. The scale is back in the closet where it will stay until this month is over.


What do you think?

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