Whole30: Day 12

Andrew quit the Whole30 today. Breakfast has been hard for him since he gets up earlier than the rest of us and normally eats cereal. He doesn’t want to wake up earlier just so he has time to make eggs and neither one of us can come up with an egg-less breakfast idea. He choose to quit and solidified his decision by stealing a bite of our toddler’s quesadilla. Now it’s just me. However, family dinners will still be Whole30-compliant! And thankfully, no one in this family seems to mind our new dinner menu. Little ones included:

Whole30 Baby

I have been tempted to think of the Whole30 as a diet, because I don’t know anything else. But a diet couldn’t be more different. This biggest difference being, that dieting has always been about trying to be sustained with less fat and less food. Dieting forces you to keep a mental tally of everything you have had to eat that day and review that list every time you reach for something to eat. With the Whole30 I am learning to make real whole food in new, extremely satisfying ways and I don’t feel like I have to try and eat less. If anything, I am eating much more food. No tallying and no guilt! I can honestly say, no diet has ever made me feel like this.


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