Whole30: Day 25

I limping and dragging myself to the finish line. It’s much to close to quit, but too far away to last another day without a meal plan to see me through to the end. Annoyingly, my energy is nonexistent and so is my food creativity. So many eggs. Too much chicken. Need variety. Though I don’t crave or need any off limit foods, I do crave a wider selection of options.

I have to be honest, the lack of energy is almost enough for me to throw in the towel. I don’t think the Whole30 caused it, but I sure hoped it would help! The last few days I have had to sneak naps whenever both kids were napping. I am exhausted! I also have two little girls so maybe the only cure is to wait for them to grow up!


2 thoughts on “Whole30: Day 25

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