Whole30: Day 27

As the end draws near, my mind is bombarded with all the food and treats I want to indulge in on Wednesday when I am finished. To be honest, it is a little discouraging that the cravings have come back in such great force. It is possible, that as I have the freedom to eat again, I might discover that my old favorites do not taste or make me feel the way I remember, and while that does bring hope, would it be wrong to mourn their loss? I love food.

I put off dealing with my health and nutrition for so long because I live to eat. Eating strictly Paleo, 24/7, is not something I am willing to maintain forever, and the opposite, eating anything and everything I love without regard to it’s nutritional value is another extreme that my body cannot survive. The Whole30 has been a my nutritional “training wheels” and starting in October I will be traveling without them.

I have come up with a few possible solutions. Maybe we will eat clean 5-6 days a week and allow a cheat day (yes, this goes against the advice in It Starts With Food). One thing for sure, we will keep our sugar intake as low as possible. I want to continue to avoid processed foods and have more home cooked meals. I will bring back dairy, grains, and beans, as long as my body tolerates them well. I think my overall goal is to use ingredients that my great great grandmother would have used and get 95% of my food from the perimeter of the grocery store.


What do you think?

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