Whole30: Results

Whole30 Results

How do I feel?

I feel great! It feels empowering to successfully finish something difficult. My clothes fit better and I feel better. Multiple people told me my face looked thinner, and while weight loss wasn’t my main motivation for doing a Whole30, I am happy it was a side effect!

Was it hard?

Yes and No. Completely changing the way you eat is definitely hard, but having clear rules and boundaries made it easy to stick to the plan. There was no, “should I?” or “I will just have a little..” the answer was just no. Giving up sugar is hard. I think the one thing I might not have done correctly was I occasionally¬†used fruit and homemade Larabars to take the edge off my sugar cravings. I realize that is kind of missing the point, but I only had so much self control left!

Will I continue?

The main thing I miss, as mentioned above, is sugar, and that is also the number one thing I want to continue to cut out of my diet. Aside from the natural sugar in fruit, sugar, especially added sugar, will have no place in my diet on a day to day basis. The exception being special occasions, and the occasional treat.

As for the rest of the off limit foods, I still plan to keep my diet very clean, but my definition of clean does include dairy, legumes, beans, and some whole grains. I actually started another nutritional challenge at my CrossFit box. It is a lot less restrictive than the Whole30 but it lasts for six weeks. My hope is that it will help me transition into allowing the previously off-limit food back into my diet without going crazy!

Bottom-line: Am I glad I did it?

YES! I learned a lot about myself and I discovered a lot of new meals and foods that my family and I all enjoy.  I am really proud of myself for sticking to it! I also inspired a few family members to do a Whole30 too! Good luck Mom, Dad, and Taylor! You can do it!