Whole30: Day 15

Today is the halfway point! It is all downhill from here now, right?? In other fabulous news, I decided to go try on a few pairs of jeans and shorts in my closet that I either, haven’t fit in since before my second baby, Eloise, or I haven’t been wearing much because of the heat, and miracle of miracles, they all fit! And by fit, I mean, I didn’t have to squeeze myself into them! The jeans slipped on easily and buttoned without having to hold my breath or wear a pair of spanx! I feel like I am back to the weight I was before I had Eloise. I wore one of the jeans last month and had to squeeze uncomfortably into them, now they feel great, possibly even a little loose! Such a good feeling!


5 thoughts on “Whole30: Day 15

  1. We are on day 5 because we discovered on our original day 4 that one of our daily vitamins had barley & whey in it so we had to start over 😦 Congrats on `15 days! and Super Congrats on fitting into old clothes again… that is always a joyous day.


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